Kecko -Velykopolskyy

Antin Kecko and Maria Welykopolskyj/Velykopolskyy/Welykopolska

Janiw is a small town in Western Ukraine Approximately 24 km or 15 miles west of Lviv. Later renamed as Ivano-Frankove after the Communist Occupation ended in 1945.  This is where Antin and Maria lived and where their families before them lived according to the Elder Ukrainian generation in the family. Family Story has it that Antin met and fell in love with Maria instantly, however his mother did not approve of Maria and insisted he marry another girl. Soon after he knew he had married the wrong girl and left her to be with Maria. This kind of action was unthinkable and sinful in the views of the time and thus were not allowed to legally ‘marry’ resulting in their children having the surname of Maria upon birth.

Antin Kecko was born April 9 1883 in Janiw, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine and died December 7 1974 in Rochester NY.  Antin was the son of Andrij Kecko and Eva Zis

Maria Welykopolskyj was born July 20 1884 possibly in Janiw, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine and died January 20 1962 in Rochester NY. Maria was the daughter of Hrehory Welykopolska and Zofia Kupinska.


Antin and Maria had the following children, All born in Janiw, Ukraine:

Natalia (married Kusznir) born September 17 1913, died January 4 1999 Rochester NY

Antin  Velikopolskyy born November 21 1909, Joined UPA and died August 12 1944


Olha died 1916



Myroslaw born August 9 1925 died September 27 2013 Walbzych Poland

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